#GOTV — #YouthVoteSI

The mid-term elections are upon us, and it is time to GET OUT THE VOTE.

  • Find your polling location and download a sample ballot so you know what to expect when you get to the polls.— https://nyc.pollsitelocator.com/search

  • Remind all of your friends and family to VOTE — Send them to www.YDRC.NYC for all the information they need!

  • Help your friends get to the polls — Uber and Lyft are offering free / discounted rides to the polls!

  • Write a post on Facebook — Blast out text messages to all of your friends — Tell your story for WHY YOU ARE VOTING BLUE TUESDAY!

YDRC Endorsed Candidates

Check out the candidates — linked below!

Local Elections

  • Max Rose — Ny-11 Congressional District

  • Matthew Titone — Surrogate Court Judge

    • The surrogate Court Judge race is a 14 year appointment

    • Both the NYC and Richmond County Bar associations deemed his opponent “NOT QUALIFIED” to fill the position.

  • Orlando Marrazo — Supreme Court — REFORM PARTY

  • Charles Fall — AD 61 State Assembly

  • Michael Cusick — AD 63 State Assembly

  • Adam Baumel — AD 64 State Assembly

  • Diane Savino — 23rd State Senate District

Statewide Elections

ballot initiatives — Flip the Ballot!

Read about these initiatives — linked below!