VOTE — November 5th, 2019


VOTE — November 5th, 2019

Edwina Martin for Civil Court Judge

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  • Edwina “Winnie” Martin is a long-time West Brighton resident and currently the Public Administrator,  which means she oversees the estates of hundreds of Staten Islanders who die without a will or a family. 

  • She is also a graduate of NYU Law School, and has an extensive background in litigation, public policy, and government relations. 

  • She is an active member of several cultural institutions including the American Association of Women, the Alice Austen House and Museum, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. 

  • She is running for Civil Court Judge because her life's work has been focused on civic life and fairness to all. 

What does a Civil Court Judge do?

  • This term lasts for 10 years

  • Decides lawsuits involving claims for damages up to $25,000

  • Oversees housing matters 

  • Oversees civil matters referred by the NY Supreme Court

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    • Email us at or message us on Facebook.

  • We will be posting full ballot information before Election Day, so check back soon for all the information you will need to make an informed vote!

  • Remind all of your friends and family to VOTE — Send them to www.YDRC.NYC for all the information they need!

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Early Voting

  • For the first time in NY, we will have a chance to vote early 9 days before Election Day from Oct. 26th-November 3rd. 

  • You should have received a notice from the Board of Elections (BOE) about your Early Voting Polling Location, which will be different from your regular polling location on November 5th (Election Day). 

  • You can visit to look up your early voting polling location AND your regular polling site on Election Day. Hours for early voting polling sites will be available on this website as well.